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October 25th Update: Alpha 3 Soon

Happy Friday everyone! Another week of steady progress of Contraption Maker. Most of the parts that had art finished for them last week are in the game. We now have bellows, Phil the Fish, and Steve the Crocodile to play with. Some concepts for an upcoming batch of parts also got finished, so those will be modeled soon as well.

Concepts for some potential new parts
Concepts for some potential new parts

For the upcoming Alpha 3, we are going to try and get our first batch of laser parts into the game. Lasers are going to have more associated parts than they did in TIM to make them a lot more powerful. That will deserve a blog post by itself to go over what parts we are adding and why. For this first batch of parts though, it will most likely be lasers, mixers, mirrors, and outlets. Just the bare bones parts to get you guys starting to play around with them.

I leave you all with a new video showing off the new parts that we got into the game this week.

Jon Tunnell

  • Alucard

    Do you plan to update game with new content (puzzles,parts,features) after “1.0″ release? Or maybe a few thematic DLC releases?

    • Jon Tunnell

      We will be continually working on the game. 1.0 means the game is “complete” and stable, but we will continue to add to it. (hopefully for a very long time!)