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October 18th Update: Bug Fixes & New Parts

Alpha 2 has been out for a little over a week now, and hopefully you guys are having fun with all of the new stuff! Progress has been moving along towards our next major update which should be out in November. We got a hotfix build out last week that fixed some bugs from the Alpha 2 release. Here is a full list of those changes:

  • Fix most of the flickering issue with textfields inside windows when scrolling.
  • Fixed crash when deleting a frame.
  • Fixed bug preventing text from being set
  • Fixed crash when an animation node label was clicked
  • Hide push front / back buttons for ghost nodes
  • Hide push front / back buttons and slider when resizing or rotating.
  • Type (unneeded space) in Electric Generator state
  • Made Remote Bomb Plunger correct set goal state
  • Made Remote Bomb Plunger correct set goal state
  • Made Buckets affected by explosions
  • Fixed Remote Bomb Plunger so the collision shape gets correctly updated
  • Made Steam Whistle recognize goal state
  • Fixed animation tool crash
  • Fixed “Angry Tims” and “The Pretty Good Escape” to be solvable

We just got some art done for new parts coming up, and it’s looking pretty sweet! Here is just a handful of some of the new parts you can expect in our next major update.

Art for some upcoming new parts
Art for some upcoming new parts


Keith’s next big project is getting cooperative contraption building working. He just got up his first playable version. We can now work on the same contraption with two different computers at once! There is still a lot a work ahead before this feature hits the alpha for all of you to play with, but it’s still exciting.

Cooperative play between a PC & Mac
Cooperative play between a PC & Mac

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for another update next week. Keep on building contraptions and sharing them on the Workshop for us all to see! No need to be selfish and keep them to yourself. Every day there are awesome puzzles and contraptions uploaded to the Workshop, it’s definitely fun to see.

For this week’s video, enjoy this contraption from community member Extazy Test N°2. He has been putting up some awesome creations, each one seems more amazing than the last. This contraption told a little story, and used the background pieces in an interesting way. A lot of stuff happens behind the scenes so you don’t get to see everything, but sometimes a little mystery makes it fun :-)



Jon Tunnell

  • Alucard

    I am hoping when the lasers and laser-related parts will be implemented it will be easier to aim laser beams and control mirror placement. I am remembering when played TIM4 most machine fails caused by a laser beam missing a target (either a mirror or a laser-activated electric outlet) by a pixel or two. It was a quite frustrating experience, especially with long contraptions.

    • Jon Tunnell

      Laser aiming was always frustrating, and we will definitely work on a way to make it much less so. Something like showing a laser’s path when it’s selected will make solving laser puzzles less frustrating.