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November 27th Update: Multiplayer & Computers

A programmable contraption made with lasers

Now that Alpha 3 has been out for a couple weeks, what have we been up to? Our main focus has been on getting multiplayer ready for the public to start using. Keith and Sean have been working hard to get all sorts of server business sorted out and working properly so you guys will be able to start building contraptions together! If everything goes according to plan, multiplayer should be in our next big update. We can’t wait to see what everyone will be able to create with multiple people working together.

Testing multiplayer. Floating avatars are other players.
Testing multiplayer. Floating avatars are other players.

Speaking of awesome creations, a few stand out community members have been doing some amazing work since we added lasers into the game. What started as just a few logic gate creations has grown into crazy complicated programmable contraptions (check the header image). There is a thread going over on our Steam forums that is full of some really great posts for anyone interested in Contraption Maker logic and wiring. The game wont be complete until someone makes a full working computer inside of a contraption :-)

Our next update may be a little light on new parts. We have really been focusing on getting multiplayer working, and Kevin has been working on some deep down physics changes. He is doing a big change from floating point calculations to integers. This is a pretty painful process right now, but it’s going to have some great changes on the game. This is going to solve a lot of determinism issues that have still been hanging around, and allow us to implement handy features like copy & paste. The best outcome is that it should allow the game to run the same as we make the move over to ARM chips when we make our mobile version. I can’t say if this change will be in the same update as multiplayer, as it may take longer than expected if other issues pop up. Unfortunately deep down changes like this don’t put much “money on the screen,” but they are for the better, and it’s much better to do them now instead of later.

Finally, we have started a new video series. The “Contraption Maker School” will help guide players through different parts of the game. We have two videos so far, one is an overview of the whole game for brand new players, and the other walks you through the process of making your own puzzle. As we make more of these videos, they should help new players get started making their own contraptions.


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Now is the time to get Contraption Maker if you still don't have it!
Now is the time to get Contraption Maker if you still don’t have it!

Jon Tunnell

  • David Wright

    Really looking forward to the multiplayer update! My son and I both love playing this game. Keep up the good work!