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Alpha 4: Introducing Multiplayer!


Alpha 4 is out there and ready to go! Grab the update from Steam, or head to our site to buy the Early Access if you want to join everyone else. This update’s main focus is mainly one thing, but it’s big. We now have cooperative multiplayer. This took a lot of effort from everyone involved, so things like more usability improvements had to take a little bit of a backseat this time. Also, Kevin is hard at work on some low level fixes that will allow some awesome, much needed features like cut & paste. This work isn’t quite done yet though, so that will be coming in our next major update. Enjoy a bunch of new sound effects, new scenery pieces, and real time cooperative multiplayer!

Play with friends online
Play with friends online

This feature has been on our list for a long time, and it’s so exciting to finally get version 1.0 out there. In this very first version of multiplayer, you can create or join a server and build cooperatively with people. This behaves almost exactly like the current “make” mode, but you can play together with up to 7 other people.

This is a very exciting first step. Sean and Keith put some amazing work into this over the last month, and their effort really shows. It may open up the door for future types of online play like puzzle solving or a versus mode. Join some friends, or build with fellow community members and let us know what you think!

Many new sounds
Many new sounds

New Sounds
Contraption Maker is now much less silent. New sounds have been added for the following parts:

  • Whistle
  • Solar panel
  • Lawn mower motor
  • Cat-o-matic
  • Egg timer
  • Generator
  • Lasers
  • Anti-grav pad
  • Cannon
  • Balloon pop
  • Scissors
  • Bellows
  • Egg break
  • Fish bowl
  • Mechanical trampoline
  • Ray gun
  • Toaster
  • Vacuum
Let it snow!
Let it snow!

Holiday Scenery
A new winter themed set of holiday scenery has been added. Play around with snowballs, igloos, and candy canes.

General Improvements
In addition to a number of bug fixes that can be found HERE, a few new features are worthy of giving a little bit more attention:

  • Auto-save backup: After you save a contraption for the first time in make mode, it will now auto-save every 60 seconds. If the game crashes, or you quit without saving, you will have a backup. When reloading a contraption, we check to see if there is a newer auto-save. If there is, you are given the option to load the new version, or your older saved version.
  • Creatures: Adjustments have been made to Tim and his fellow animals. Waldo and Milton will now angle themselves with walls as they walk up them, creatures will now work correctly on conveyor belts, and Tim now has a faster running state that he can be set to. Some of these changes may affect how your contraptions with creatures behave, so be sure to check them out and make any adjustments needed.
  • Official puzzle tweaks: Tweaks have been made to some of the official puzzles to remove some of the more crazy exploits.
  • Text field improvements: You can now move around in text fields with the arrow keys. If you make a spelling error in the beginning of your puzzle description, you no longer have to delete everything in front of it.

Because of the heavy focus on getting multiplayer to work, there are sadly no new official puzzles in this update. However, there are starting to be a lot of really great community puzzles. I strongly encourage everyone to check out puzzles by community member Makies Okami. They are a puzzle machine, submitting over 50 awesome puzzles to the workshop so far. We will continue to create more official puzzles, but in the meantime, you can give Makies Okami’s workshop a visit!

Jon Tunnell

  • Alucard

    Glad to see #4 alpha released. To celebrate this, how about video of holiday-themed contraption that involves parts with new art and sounds implemented? This allows anyone who subscribed to Spotkin Games YouTube channel but don`t visit development blog regularly get acknowleged about this bit of great news.

    • Jon Tunnell

      There should be a new Alpha 4 video coming tomorrow. Stay tuned!